Looking for a WordPress Website? Have a low budget? Want bang for your buck? Whatever other gimmicky way I can say it! Honestly, though, I have found that over the years of providing quotes on exactly what clients are looking for, that maybe it would be even better to come up with a basic website package. It’s a crapshoot when finding a  trustworthy and reliable company to build you a decent WordPress Website. We are not one of those companies. We have the contract written up, we just need to add your company name. It’s $350 for a 3 page WordPress Website with Hosting and a domain if you need it.

Consider it a starter package of sorts to get your business some of the much needed momentum necessary to be a viable business these days. Let’s face it, if you want to be taken seriously, you need a website, dude.

If someone is interested in your business or whatever it is that you do, more often (much, much, much more often) than not, the first thing they will do is Google you by name or by the services you offer. Statistics show that the majority of those searching Google prefer to see a website in the results (duh). Social media platforms are great, but a unique and personalized website is the best way to really connect with your customers and clients.

The CWS 3-Pager WordPress Website Package comes with:

  • Domain name (if needed)
  • Hosting – Lightening fast hosting with one of our affiliates
  • 2 Royalty Free Stock Images – Ideally, clients prefer to use two for the slider and one for the blog. First blog post is on us.
  • Homepage with 2 slider images – Slider images help to show off what you see as the key points or services on your website.
  • Content Creation or Enhancement – Happy with the wording or your current site? No problem. However, if you have a new site that you need content for, it is included in this package.
  • Contact Form – This is where you can generate leads that came become new clients or customers.
  • Blog – The most useful page on your website and the key to driving traffic to it.
  • Search Engine Optimization – We will take the extra steps that most other companies won’t to make sure that your site is submitted to Google and prepared to show up in Google and other search engines.
  • Social Media Integration – Anytime that you post to your blog, it will post to your social media accounts automagically.
  • Fully Responsive Website – Your site will look great on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Devices.

But why? Why wouldn’t I just keep posting to social media for free?

I am asked this a lot, and that’s cool, but here’s why a Website is necessary. Unless you have a cult or viral following on your social media accounts and plan to have people contact you on there or call you, you’re just a smudge on a window…of the Empire State Building, that is. You are in a sea of others, much like yourself, that are trying to push your business or product the free way. Side note, if you feel that you have a ton of success just using social media with out a Website, more power to ya and you can stop reading here.

Unfortunately, that is not the case for most small businesses. The only way to get true value where you can actually reach the amount of people that you are looking to reach, is to pay for it. You could also argue that you use something like Angie’s list, which is an awesome way to provide and promote your services, but I just got done building a site for a client that came to me because of the high cost of Angie’s List. You can check his Website out here.

The point I am getting at here is that you can do much of the same by using a WordPress Website instead. Let me explain – You can post your blog, which, as mentioned, will automagically post to your social media accounts. All traffic, rather than staying on Facebook, Twitter, what have you, will come to your site instead, which, with time and enough site visits, will have you showing up higher in the rankings for search engines based on search terms related to your business.

Additionally, you can do things on your site that can help you earn some of that money back, just by having traffic come to your site. For example: setting up a few Google Adsense ads on your site. This will allow you to make money when users come to your site and click on an add that Google magically whips up based on where they have been on the web.

Bottom line, a WordPress Website pays for itself.

Catalyst Web Solutions is here to help you every step of the way. Getting a website built does not have to be a long, costly, drawn out process. We simplify things by using the latest in technology that combines speed with efficiency. Contact us at any time to get started. What are you waiting for? Let’s grow your business together.

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