Web Wednesdays – Mailchimp

Mailchimp has been one of my favorite Websites for a long time. They have a minimalistic design with nice imagery and are very consistent with the look and feel of their Website and their brand. One of the things that they do best is their animated tutorials that give a preview of how their software […]

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Throwback Thursdays – Game Palace

This fossil goes back to my days in school. You could call it a best of the worst, but this one, aesthetically isn’t that bad. Is it an eye-sore? Sure, but it is pretty user-friendly. So I had the right idea at least. Check out “Game Palace” here, a project done by yours truly for […]

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Web Wednesdays – Nike Website

Nike, by no surprise, is one of my favorite Websites. Their constant “Less is more” approach, not only for their footwear and clothing, but for their Website as well, is what really draws me to their brand. For me, they are the standard that should be followed when considering a site with a subtle palette […]

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Throwback Thursdays – TRA Tax and Accounting

Before I got into WordPress, there were the good ol’ days of straight HTML driven WebSites with some added CSS and JavaScript. Before the days of understanding global files, I would simply duplicate pages and start from scratch, deleting the content that I didn’t need and most likely keeping the header and footer. Inline styling […]

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Web Wednesdays – Spotify

Spotify has always been an interface that I have loved. Not to mention, $10.95 a month for (pretty much) unlimited music is a pretty good deal. As far as Websites go, I really like the design of their homepage. The sections of the page are nicely designed. Especially the section with the phones that are […]

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Throwback Thursdays – Last Stop Halloween Shop

Just like most of us like to look back at old photos and reminisce, I like to do the same with old projects and schoolwork. It’s cool to take a look back once in a while and see the progression that occurs during the course of mastering your craft. Although I find this one to […]

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