Web Wednesdays – Mailchimp

Mailchimp has been one of my favorite Websites for a long time. They have a minimalistic design with nice imagery and are very consistent with the look and feel of their Website and their brand. One of the things that they do best is their animated tutorials that give a preview of how their software […]

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Tech Tuesdays – HUDWAY Glass

I feel like this is a product that is long overdue. I remember heads up displays as a feature in cars back in the early 2000s. What happened? What did this tech fall of the face of the Earth? Heads up window displays used to be awesome when they were around more often. Now we […]

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Web Wednesdays – Spotify

Spotify has always been an interface that I have loved. Not to mention, $10.95 a month for (pretty much) unlimited music is a pretty good deal. As far as Websites go, I really like the design of their homepage. The sections of the page are nicely designed. Especially the section with the phones that are […]

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Tech Tuesdays – Jack

Jack, created by Podo Labs, is a device that allows you to make headphones semi-wireless by giving you the ability to connect your headphones to it. At its small size, it is a much less invasive headphone to device connection. Rather than having to put wired headphones on and putting the phone in your pocket, […]

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Tech Tuesdays – Beam

The Beam is a cool product that allows you to display HD video onto any flat surface. I don’t live in a huge house, so the fight for space is a constant battle. This product is great for those in the same situation. The thing that I like about this product is that you can […]

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