Web Wednesdays – Mailchimp

Mailchimp has been one of my favorite Websites for a long time. They have a minimalistic design with nice imagery and are very consistent with the look and feel of their Website and their brand. One of the things that they do best is their animated tutorials that give a preview of how their software […]

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Web Wednesdays – Nike Website

Nike, by no surprise, is one of my favorite Websites. Their constant “Less is more” approach, not only for their footwear and clothing, but for their Website as well, is what really draws me to their brand. For me, they are the standard that should be followed when considering a site with a subtle palette […]

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Web Wednesdays – Spotify

Spotify has always been an interface that I have loved. Not to mention, $10.95 a month for (pretty much) unlimited music is a pretty good deal. As far as Websites go, I really like the design of their homepage. The sections of the page are nicely designed. Especially the section with the phones that are […]

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Web Wednesdays – Zurb

Web Wednesdays will be a weekly blog post that explores some of the best designs and trends on the Web. This week, I would like to take the time to give props where props are due. Zurb, one of my favorite Web tech companies has always had a fresh design to their Website for as […]

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