Jack, created by Podo Labs, is a device that allows you to make headphones semi-wireless by giving you the ability to connect your headphones to it. At its small size, it is a much less invasive headphone to device connection. Rather than having to put wired headphones on and putting the phone in your pocket, you can just pin the Jack to your shirt instead. So when you’re mowing the lawn, like I do, and get frustrated when your phone gets snagged on something, you might want to consider this product. What really attracts me to this product is the fact that you can also connect it to audio devices like stereos and control the media from your phone. Lastly, you can sync audio with others that own the device. So sharing tunes is made easy. Bottom line, this is pretty cool. Something I would love to give a test drive (hint, hint Podo Labs). You can fund this project here.

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