We're not an agency for everyone. At CWS we stick to what we are most passionate about, and we're in it for the long haul. So, if you're an aspiring Musician, in the Extreme Sports Industry as an Athlete or Brand, or a Clothing Line, Sneaker Company or Watch Brand, and you are looking to make it big (assuming you're damn good at what you do), we have the digital strategy for you. And if we don't, we will handcraft one for you.


Are you an aspiring musician struggling to gain the recognition that you were expecting? Our digital strategies are unlike any others in the industry. Let us show you how.


We are skaters, surfers and snowboarders. We know the industry and the culture. If you're a brand, athlete or local skateshop looking to enter the scene, we can help!


You just launched your brand new clothing line and you're not getting as much online sales as you expected? Or you don't even have an online store yet? Let us help, we got this!